• The GTK (Finnish Geological Survey) covered the area in a Country-wide reconnaissance till sampling program between 1983 and 1991. The sample density was 4 km2 per sample.
  • 11 samples on the Jeesiö property exceeded the 95th percentile for gold contents in the Finland-wide survey but no follow-up work was reported.
  • Outokumpu drilled four holes in the Kotalampi anomaly totalling 419.5 metres in 1990. This anomaly was identified by three nugget-in-till samples which exceeded the 99th percentile of the GTK Survey.
  • The Outokumpu holes intersected narrow zones of strong fuchsite alteration but reported no samples with more than 0.3 g/t gold.
  • Between 1972 and 2007 the GTK flew a Finland-wide, low-level airborne magnetic, EM and radiometric survey along lines spaced 200 metres apart.
  • The GTK drilled 33 short holes on the Jeesiö property between 1999 and 2006 (all less than 51 metres and many less than 10 metres). This was presumably done to verify bedrock lithology.
  • There are no historical mineral resource or reserve estimates on the Jeesiö property and there has been no significant production from it.


Work Completed by FireFox to Jan 2020

2017:     FireFox acquired the property in August of 2017 and performed reconnaissance till sampling using a handheld Cobra drill. FireFox collected 284 samples from depths of 0.2 to 6.0 metres.

2018:     FireFox performed Bottom of Till Geochemical sampling as well as ground-based geophysics identifying priority targets.

2019:     FireFox completed additional bedrock sampling and mapping throughout the project, as well as trenching at the Homelampi target. Ground geophysical surveys and geochemical sampling programs were completed at the Utsamo target, followed by a 3-hole reconnaissance drill program.


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