The Jeesiö project is in Lapland, the northernmost province of Finland. The entire property is accessible via paved highway and secondary paved roads. The nearest towns are Sodankyla (pop 8,556) and Kittilä (pop. 6,358).  High voltage power lines cross the property.

The northern boundary of the Jeesiö exploration permit application is three kilometres south from the recent Aamurusko (Risti) gold discovery by Aurion Resources Ltd (TSX-V:AU, and 12 kilometres south-southwest from the Pahtavaara Gold Mine, currently being recommissioned by Rupert Resources Ltd (TSE:RUP Numerous smaller drilled prospects and deposits are in the vicinity of Jeesiö.

FireFox cautions that proximity to a discovery, past-producing mine, or mineral resource, does not indicate that mineralization will occur on FireFox’s property, and if mineralization does occur, that it will occur in sufficient quantity or grade that would result in an economic extraction scenario. Results from other companies in Finland, including properties proximal to those controlled by FireFox, are not indicative of expected FireFox results,as there has been insufficient exploration on the properties held by FireFox. These facts were simply used to help prioritize the acquisition of these properties.


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