Since 2017 FireFox has used a combination of data compilation, till sampling and mechanized BOT sampling, to identify numerous promising targets at Jeesiö, and has currently prioritized the Utsamo and Homelampi Targets.

Utsamo Target: This target represents a 2.8 km long structurally distinct zone, associated with numerous gold anomalies in till, that follows the contact between mafic intrusive rocks and metasediments. This feature is believed to be the continuation of the Sirkka Shear Zone.

Homelampi Target: This target has significant Bottom of Till gold anomalies and appears to be related to the Venejoki Shear zone.

Planned 2019 exploration work, to advance these and other targets at Jeesiö, includes geophysics and drilling.

For details on the program in progress please refer to the News Releases or the latest Presentation.

Jeesio Till

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